Life Insurance

Life Insurance will provide a lump sum benefit in the event of death or terminal illness. We work with you to select the right level of cover that best meets your circumstances and budget.

The funds can be used to protect your spouse, family, business partner, eliminate debt such as your mortgage, meet educational requirements or childcare for your children, invest to create a future income stream.

Life Insurance can be held inside or outside of Superannuation.

Consider this…

You are married with two children in primary school and a $350,000 mortgage. Your partner works full time and you have also recently returned to the workforce to help cover the daily bills. All is going well financially.

Then… the unthinkable happens and your partner suffers a fatal heart attack.

Would your salary alone be enough to meet the mortgage repayments, pay the daily living expenses of raising two kids as well as the school expenses?

How would you cope financially?