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Succession First is a Risk Management & Insurance Advisory Business

We work with families, businesses and corporations helping them to identify, document and manage risks using appropriate strategies and specialists in every field

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We Provide a Service that Protects your Family and Business Values

Personal Insurance Strategies

Income Protection * Life Insurance * Trauma Insurance
Total & Permanent Disability Insurance * Insurance, Inside or Outside Super? * Annual Reviews

Risk Management Strategies

Succession Planning * Key Person Strategies
Shareholders Plan * Business Insurance
Debt Asset Protection * Annual Reviews

Board of Advice Services

Workers Compensation * General Insurance Health Check Wills & Estate Planning * Financial Planning Advice Corporate Structure & Accounting Review
Commercial & Residential Debt Structure * Annual Reviews

You haven’t turned up to your business this morning, what is the impact…

What is your plan?

You are unable to go to work today or for an indefinite period of time what is the impact…

What is your plan?

Whether your "lifetime of effort" is just beginning or well underway

Your focus must be on how you capitalise "your" efforts to deliver growth and business value

Don't Let unforeseen events determine your future